Siempre Adelante   → Always Forward 

"When I was 19, I traveled alone for the first time to a developing country to intern for an NGO within the impoverished district of El Porvenir in Trujillo, Peru.  I worked with the mother of three children on the value of profit in her small home front store, I taught a photography course to a group of secondary aged school children, and I monitored the library and homework help sessions. With my students, we painted a giant mural about el día y la noche; the day and the night.  It was the first time I had experienced, first-hand, what the word poverty meant. Or as its seen from an outsider's perspective looking in. It was also the first time I had truly lived it and experienced it from the inside looking out and I realized there is so little we understand about our small, interconnected world. It was a formative short three months and I believe it inspired my life's direction. So, one day during my lunch break I ran downtown to a small tattoo parlor and paid thirty soles for a small arrow on my pointer finger to remind me of that 19 year old girl every time I look down; a girl who hopes to see the entire world right in front of her, vast and full of endless possibilities."

Carter earned her BA in International Health and Development with a minor in Photography from the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. After graduation, she spent the summer and fall in Aspen, Colorado working as a Photographer for the Anderson Ranch Arts Center, as well as, a volleyball coach at Aspen High School. In 2017, Carter completed two years serving in the U.S. Peace Corps in Lesotho, where she worked as a Healthy Youth Advisor. After two years living completely out of her comfort zone in a small hut with one electrical plug (thankfully) and a water tap and toilet outside her home she became a more patient and understanding person, she hopes to think. Although, it more likely heightened her chocolate addiction, introversion, and tolerance for never-ending conversations about the US's current president while living in a foreign country - all important things. During her Peace Corps service she completed a wide variety of projects ranging from facilitating social action photo exhibitions partnered with the Inside Out Project, assisting in grant-writing and human rights reports for the Lesotho Commission for Justice and Peace, teaching adolescent health courses, coaching the district volleyball teams, and organizing youth leadership camps, among other activities.  After completing Peace Corps, she took the next opportunity to stay in southern Africa for two more years where she currently lives in Kwa-Zulu Natal working as the Communications Coordinator for the innovative and creative NGO, Thanda

Her photography is inspired by life, people, culture, beauty and the human reality. She is fascinated by the immensity of our world and our experience with it.  The photographs on this site are from her travels through which her adventurous spirit has taken her to celebrating Día de los Muertos on top of a mountain in Chiapas, Mexico, or to accidentally jumping on top of a 40 foot Whale Shark in the Caribbean Ocean, or to South Africa now living in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Her work as a freelance photographer in interior design, wedding photography, portraiture, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, and other various opportunities she has taken in the past few years have greatly expanded her portfolio. 

Above all, she is amazed by the power an image can have on society and its truthful ability to portray reality, however dark it can be. As a tool for social change, she hopes to use her photography to, in small or large ways, make the world a better and more honest place.